Get an International Driver's License (IDP) Online in 8 Minutes - 24/7​

Apply for an International Driver's License in 8 Minutes - 24/7

Have you planned holiday trip yet? Are you considering taking your family on a cross-border road trip? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, each country offers a variety of events and activities for you and your family. However, before you begin your travel, make sure you apply for an International Driving License (IDL). The IDL/IDP is a United Nations convention and legal necessity. It is an internationally recognized translation of your driver’s license that allows motorists to legally drive their vehicles outside of their home country.

The International Driving License also protects you and your family in the event of unintentional car damage when traveling overseas or the loss of legal identification, such as a passport. The IDL is recognized over the world and is available in ten different languages to help people overcome language obstacles. The primary purpose of the IDL is to allow law enforcement and other authorities in other countries to read your license in their native language.

Required documents to obtain an International Driving License:

  • 1 Color Photo (Passport size)
  • Original Passport Copy
  • Your Home Country Diriving Licence Copy (Both Sides)

What You Will Receive:

  • Online Downloadable Copy Of Your International Driver’s License
International Driving Permit (IDP)

Why do you need an international driving license to drive a car in foreign country?

Not all countries require an International Driving Permit (IDP), but when you drive in a foreign country, you should usually have one along with your regular driver’s license. There are several reasons for an IDP:

Language Translation: The IDP translates your domestic driver’s license into multiple languages, allowing local authorities to better comprehend your driving qualifications.

International Recognition: Even if your home license is not in a language that local authorities understand, the IDP is accepted in many countries as a valid form of identification and driving credentials.

Legal Requirement: To legally drive on their roads, some nations need visitors to have both an IDP and a domestic driver’s license. This need is frequently based on international agreements and local laws.

Rental Car Requirements: Many car rental firms need customers to have both an IDP and a domestic license to rent a car. This is because the IDP adds an extra layer of assurance to the driver’s credentials and ability to drive in a foreign country.

Ease of Communication: In the event of an accident or traffic stop, possessing an IDP can help you communicate with local authorities because it gives a standardized document that is generally recognized.

Overall, while an IDP is not required in all countries, it is a useful document to have when driving abroad because it can help you avoid potential legal complications and provide a more enjoyable driving experience in foreign nations.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an International Driving Permit (IDP)? Why do I need an IDP?

An IDP is a translation of your valid driver’s license into multiple languages. It serves as a supplementary document, helping authorities abroad to comprehend your driving credentials. While not all nations require an IDP, it is strongly advised when renting a car or driving in many countries worldwide. 

How long is an IDP valid for?

The validity duration typically lasts three years, but it cannot be longer than the original license’s validity.

What are the requirements for obtaining an IDP?

Generally, you’ll need a valid driver’s license, a passport copy, and a passport sized personal picture.  

What happens if I lose my IDP while abroad?

Contact us immediately to discuss the replacement process.  It is also recommended that you report the loss to the local authorities in the country you are visiting.

Can I drive any type of vehicle with an International Driving License?

An International Driving License generally allows you to drive the same vehicles that your domestic license does. However, it is critical to check the driving legislation of the country you are traveling, as there may be restrictions or additional requirements for specific car types.

Are there any age restrictions for obtaining an International Driving License?

The age requirements for acquiring an International Driving License vary by country of residency. Most applications require a minimum age of 18. However, certain countries may have higher age requirements. It is critical to review the qualifying requirements before applying.